Chocolate Steamed Brownies

img_7192This is the Best Chocolate Steamed Brownies I’ve ever had. The recipe is really easy and the result is really promising. The taste is light and wonderful. The texture is really soft and tender. Moreover, there is chocolate melted in the middle that make this brownies has truly chocolate tasty. You can try this recipe at home but taste as popular bakery, even MORE, PROVE it one slice is not enough. I really recommend this brownies for those chocolate lover┬á­čÖé

Ingredients :

3 Large eggs

1tsp TBM/SP

150 gr Sugar

80 gr All purpose flour

1 tbsp Cornstarch

40 gr Chocolate powder

120 ml Vegetable Oil

30 gr Butter

1/2 tsp Baking powder

2 tbsp Chocolate Grain

How to Make :

1. Boil the water in steaming pan

2. Mixer eggs, SP, sugar 10 minutes till hard peak

3. Add flour, cornstarch, chocolate powder, oil, butter, baking powder

4. Mix all of them well

5. Pour the half batter in the greased pan, put to the steaming pan. Steam for 10  minutes

6. Put the chocolate grain, Pour the remain batter, steam for 15 minutes

7. Serve it, Trust Me It Works

Let me know and feel free to share below comment when you make this brownies successfully too !

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